About Us

Who We Are

Qatar Rockwool And Mineral Fibers Factory is the first company of its kind in Qatar. We produce Rockwool, which is an insulation material, that is beneficial in several ways. Whether it’s thermal insulation, acoustic insulation or even fire safe insulation, Rockwool is your solution.

First Factory In Qatar

Qatar Rockwool And Mineral Fibers Factory is the first Factory to establish Rockwool in Qatar. It will participate in several upcoming projects and ensure efficiency throughout all projects. QMF can cover houses,  buildings, complexes and even lands, with Rockwool.

Mission And Vision

QRW is a manufacturing company producing Rockwool products, Pioneers in the Rockwool industry in the Qatari market. We are supporting/being a part of Qatar 2030 vision by satisfying the Qatari market need by national producers. Our responsibility is to introduce a value-based environment for our human capital and society as well as producing environmentally friendly products.

To be the first choice for Qatar and Gulf customers in Rockwool products by always keeping QRW values top of mind.